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DC Motors
The are various kinds of applications that requires DC motors such as in Lathe Machines, Fans, Blowers, Centrifugal Pumps, Conveyors, Lifts, Spinning machines, Weaving Machine, etc.
Low Voltage AC Motors

Low Voltage AC Motors are mainly adopted by the users due to their high-efficiency standards that regulates on the legal regulations and policies in favor of motors to conserve the serious concern these days which is global environment and further prevent global warming.

Fire Fighting Pumps
A fire-fighting pump are a kind of centrifugal pump that is brought in use for pumping fire-fighting water. These can be also be designed for transportable use such as. on fire-fighting vehicles.
Gear Pumps
Gear Pumps are the most common pumps used for various hydraulic fluid power applications. They use gear meshing to pump the fluid by displacement. With their wide applications in chemical installations as well, they help in pumping the high viscosity fluids. These pumps transport liquid by using the rotary gears and make use of at least two internal gears.
Chemical Pumps
Our vast variety of Chemical Pumps help in transferring, storing or pumping chemicals. These pumps are precisely designed to resist the abrasive and corrosive industrial liquids like paint, solvent, fuel, bleach, etc. With wide applications in different industries, they are utilized for pumping caustic fluids safely. These pumps are usually found in displacement and centrifugal variants to effectively move the liquid fuel at high pressure.
Medium Voltage Switchgear Panels
Our Medium Voltage Switchgear Panels are the devices used for the development of continuous electrical market to the computer interface, simple installation, short processing time and centralized control of power. These panels are ideal for the substation and distribution systems of oil industry, textile industry, power plant, high rise buildings, etc. Further, these are used as a power distribution, conversion and control equipments.
Switchgear Panels
Switchgear Panels are the devices used for the conversion, distribution and control of power. With excellent on-off capacity, easy combination, novel structure, flexibility scheme and high class protection, they are suitable in different industries such as textile, chemical, oil and many other. Having high technical performance and good practicality, these panels fulfill wide number of electrical user requirements.
Power Distribution Transformers
Our Power Distribution Transformers are the electrical devices that give final voltage transformation in all electric power distribution system. They helps in the power supply of various facilities outside the settlement like farmyards, pumping stations and isolated houses. One of the major application of these transformers include the power supply of overhead wire of the railways that are electrified with AC.

AC And DC Drives
Our variety of AC And Dc Drives are utilized to control the speed of DC motors with the help of armature voltage or field current. This product can be availed for a multitude of application specific factors including type of loads, maintenance accessibility, sequencing, ambient conditions, duty cycle, horsepower range and many more. They require less maintenance and allows easy installation.

Brake Motor
Our variety of Brake Motors are designed for braking duties. They are the three phase induction motors having consistent dimensions with output rating. These motors have various applications in electromagnetic disc brakes on an AC motors, that operates when there is a lack of current that causes blocking of motor. It helps in stopping or slowing the equipment safely and effectively within a short time.
Gear Motors
 A gear motor is a type of an electrical motor which is designed to offer high torque at the time of  maintaining a  very low horsepower, or even low speed, motor output. These are commonly used in devices like garage door openers, can openers,  and even electric alarm clocks.

Gear Box
A Gear Box is a device that is used for transferring energy or power from one part of the machine to  other. The pistons in the cylinders pump up and down at a very high speed to make the gear work. With several applications in different industries and machines, these gearboxes ensures smooth and efficient performance with high durability. Also, they resists corrosion and ensures smooth working of the machine.
Industrial Valves
Our array of Industrial Valves are the devices used for controlling the pressure and flow of gases, liquids and slurries. Available in different sizes, functions, designs and operations, these valves are utilized in different industries as a regulator for various controlling processes. Also, these are widely used in the transport and military sectors. With dimensional accuracy, these valves allow a long functional life.

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